A personal fascination with everyday rituals inspired the launch of Nourish & Nest in the Spring of 2013. In the years previous, I had begun to discover that simple daily rituals helped bring a contented presence to my days and intentional passion to my life. 

First came a blog and then I began creating and curating goods of ritual that embodied the Nourish & Nest philosophy. Everything we purvey has to be beautiful, functional, ethically crafted and designed to last for many years. The collection began with a range of candles that I handcrafted myself, oft with a babe on my hip and always with the hope that customers would feel nurtured as they incorporated goods of ritual into their own lives and homes.

Based on the East Coast of Australia, Nourish & Nest now offers organic teas and herbal tisanes, luxe candles, ethically-crafted linens, nourishing body bars, ceramics, a baby collection, plus events and workshops. We also share inspiration via our blog and seasonal love letters, sent to inboxes around the globe.

As the venture grows, a small team has begun to gather around the brand with the dream of spreading the love for our goods of ritual, and the philosophy behind them, far and wide. Stay tuned, we have big dreams and we're here to make a difference.

Tara xx