Everyone has a story, here is ours...

Nourish & Nest began its journey in 2014, founded on the ethos of celebrating daily rituals. With a deep-rooted fascination for the transformative power of these simple acts, the brand emerged as a beacon of intentional living.

What started as a simple blog soon blossomed into a curated collection of goods that embodied their ethos of beauty, functionality, and ethical craftsmanship.

In 2022 - two sisters, Victoria Grovenor and Sheralee Rae, shared a passion for cultivating wellness and mindful living. Their journey began with a profound appreciation for the transformative potential of daily rituals. Inspired by the serene beauty of the East Coast of Australia, Sheralee and Victoria embarked on a mission to share their love for intentional living with the world.

Nourish & Nest now offers organic teas and herbal tisanesluxe soy candlesnatural perfumes, ceramics, plus events and workshops. Each product is thoughtfully selected to inspire moments of joy, gratitude, and connection in everyday life.

As sisters and co-owners, Sheralee and Victoria lead Nourish & Nest with passion and purpose, guided by their shared mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others through the power of rituals and wellness. Together, they continue to inspire and uplift, inviting others to join them on their journey toward a more intentional, joy-filled life.