Glass Tea Flask & Tea Gift Pack – Nourish and Nest

Glass Tea Flask & Tea Gift Pack


Brand: Nourish and Nest

Invest in your wellness with a daily tea ritual. This beautiful gift pack will make it easy to enjoy your favourite Nourish and Nest tea, wherever you are. Comes packaged in a reusable Nourish and Nest drawstring bag.

Glass Tea Flask

Take your tea with you wherever you go.

The Nourish and Nest 450ml double-walled Glass Tea Flask has a removable stainless infuser and bamboo lid. 

The double-walled insulation means you can pick it up and walk out the door even while your tea is still brewing.

Perfect for drinking iced tea on-the-go as well.

Finished with a mandala-style Nourish and Nest logo on the bamboo lid by laser artists 'Sketch + Etch'. 

Organic Tea or Herbal Tisane

Pick a bag of organic tea from our delicious range. Each bag provides up to 50 flasks of tea making them great value.

Not sure which tea to pick?

Want to feel refreshed? Try 'Refresh' herbal tisane.

Want to relax? Try 'Dreamy herbal tisane.

Need pick-me-up during the day? Try 'Island Green' tea.

Need something bolstering to start your day? Try 'English Breakfast' tea.

Want to calm you mind & body? Try 'Settle' herbal tisane.

Want to indulge yourself? Try 'French Lady Grey' tea.