Seasonal Subscription Box – Nourish and Nest

Seasonal Subscription Box


Brand: Nourish and Nest

The Nourish and Nest Seasonal Subscription Box

A carefully-curated selection of goods of ritual that help you to align yourself with the current season.

Imagine coming home to a beautiful box from Nourish and Nest, filled with things that will bring beauty to your home, ritual to your day and joy to your soul.

Every seasonal subscription box will contain one of our signature candles, as well as a mixture or other goods of ritual. There will also be added bonuses such as limited-edition prints exclusive to Nourish and Nest as well as a seasonal mini magazine.

The value of the box will always surpass the quarterly cost of $79.

A beautiful part of your self-care regime or a thoughtful gift.

The seasonal subscription boxes will be sent out on the following dates and are available for shipping throughout Australia:

Autumn - 9th April

Winter - 2nd July

Spring- 24th September

Summer - 17th December

You can sign up for the Seasonal Subscription Box at any time of the year and the current seasonal box will be shipped to you.

Your quarterly fee of $79 will only be deducted from your nominated credit card once the subscription box has been shipped, cancel any time.

The Winter subscription box contains:
A glass and bamboo double-walled tea flask
The 'Winter' candle - a blend of fresh pine forest, earthy cedar wood and just a touch of warm caramel.
A bag of 'Dreamy' herbal tisane. A calming and relaxing mix of chamomile, lavender, lemon verbena and passionflower.
The Nourish and Nest Winter mini magazine. 
An extra tea sample.