'Settle' Organic Herbal Tisane – Nourish and Nest

'Settle' Organic Herbal Tisane


Brand: Nourish and Nest

A calming and refreshing blend of organic Australian peppermint, spearmint, liquorice and marshmallow root.

We believe in enjoying small rituals and the simple acts of pouring and sipping tea are the ultimate ritual.

This soothing herbal tisane is settling for the mind and the body. Can be enjoyed hot, as an iced tea or even as the base for a mojito (we kid you not). Loves to be paired with spicy food, dark chocolate or is perfectly delicious all on its own.

Please note: as this tea contain liquorice root, it is not suitable for pregnant mamas.


Loose leaf, caffeine free.

Brew for 3-5 mins. Allow 1 teaspoon per tea cup.

50 cups per bag.

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