There is more to life than small rituals

There is more to life than small rituals.

There is more to life than feeling cosy and comfortable, more than relaxing and unwinding.

Yes, enjoying small rituals is at the very heart of Nourish and Nest's philosophy. Yes, they truly can radically enhance personal wellbeing. But they are not the end goal. 

The end goal is that we would live intentionally, passionately, purposefully. The end goal is that we would stay truth to our own path. That we wouldn't stumble mindlessly through our days, lacking self-awareness and never truly living our truth. Our culture can be one of distraction and 'more'.. to counteract this we need to consistently create moments of slow so that we have opportunity to contemplate, to ponder so that we can live full and grateful lives. Our small rituals create these mindful moments of peace.

Comfort and cosiness cannot be the single goal of our lives - often our greatest feelings of fulfilment and purpose are derived from situations that we feel rather uncomfortable in - doing things we've never done before, having the courage to heal, meeting new people, standing up for causes we believe in, having difficult but important conversations - living passionately often equates with having courage and moving beyond our comfort zones. But that is why we need small rituals all the more. When we do have our times of rest, when we retreat to our homes and have some precious down time, it is important that we know how to replenish ourselves.

And that is why I advocate for a life of enjoying small rituals - of drinking the tea, lighting the candles, soaking in the bath, taking a moment to lay on the grass in the sun.. so that you may know yourself, nurture and nourish yourself so that you are truly present and accounted for in your fierce and wonderful life.

Love & rituals,

Tara x

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Thanks Tara. That is such a brilliant reflection on the importance of rituals of rest and stopping. Something that definitely does not natural to me but oh so important. ☺️

Rohan Bell

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