The Tea Gathering


We believe in tea as ritual. It is a small pleasure, an ancient and timeless act amongst the rhythm of our days. Tea can allow us to find beauty in small solitary moments or be a conduit for bringing people together to share moments in time.

We believe that when we gather we can connect and engage in conversations that fill our hearts and share moments that inspire our souls.

The Tea Gathering is our next event and it has been born out of this idea of gathering people together around the simple but beautiful ritual of tea.

The event will be held on a winter afternoon in the fabulous Clifton School of Arts.

In collaboration with Reay's Place, we will be presenting tastings of our entire range of organic teas and herbal tisanes, paired with an 8-course degustation created by Nicole and Garry Reay.

It will be beautiful down to the last detail and seats are limited. Why not gather with us? Come alone and meet new folk or bring a group of friends.

Tickets are now on sale in our online store or in-store at Reay's Place.

Photos of our past gatherings can be found here.

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