The Seasonal Subscription Box... a seasonal love story. – Nourish and Nest

The Seasonal Subscription Box... a seasonal love story.

You've had a long day, you feel weary and if you're honest, a little jaded. Autumn is well and truly here and there is a bit of a chill in the air. The days seem to be rushing by and the good intentions of caring for yourself that you started the year with have fallen by the wayside. 

You arrive home and see a Nourish and Nest box on your doorstep. You smile to yourself as you remember - your seasonal subscription box! Every season one of these full-of-goodness boxes arrives and it always seems like perfect timing. You carry your new box inside, wondering what treasures it holds for you. Laying it down on your bed and carefully opening your 'Autumn' box up, you feel nurtured already with the attention to detail in the packaging that makes it a delight to open.

As you lift the lid, you are met with the warm and soothing scents of the Autumn candle - a blend of chai tea, mandarin and sweet pear. You put your candle to the side, already looking forward to lighting it later tonight as you treat yourself to a bath. You feel yourself starting to relax already as you imagine sinking into the warm water with the candlelight dancing on the bathroom walls.

Next you pick up the pottery tumbler, noting how comfortably it sits in your hands, how beautiful it looks and imagining how it will help you greet each new day as you fill it with your tea.

Speaking of, you notice a bag of organic English Breakfast tea.. great timing, you were almost out. You know it will last you for months and you can't wait to boil the kettle.

You take some time to read through the seasonal mini magazine as well as admire your postcard print, putting them both on your bedside table to enjoy later.

You feel just a little more grateful for the current season and inspired to care for yourself by enjoying small rituals and finding moments of ordinary beauty amongst your day.

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March 21, 2018

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