The only Iced Tea recipe you'll ever need

If you haven't yet discovered the joy of Iced Tea, allow us to open up a whole new world of refreshment for you. Iced teas are a fabulous way to get your tea fix on hot days, they're a great alcohol-free party drink and are perfect for serving up to friends.

Making Iced Tea is a really simple process. Here is a basic 'recipe' that works with our black teas, green tea and herbal tisanes.

Step 1 - Brew your tea.

It is worth making extra, even if you're just making it for yourself. Make extra and pop it in the fridge, it will keep for quite a while.

For the sake of this recipe, we'll assume you're making a teapot of tea (about a 5 cup tea pot). If you're just making a small amount (like with our tea infuser for example, modify accordingly).

Step 2 - Remove tea leaves & chill.

Remove the tea leaves from your teapot and place tea in fridge or decant your tea from the teapot into a jug, carafe, large glass jar etc and place in fridge.

It is important not to brew your tea past the recommended time (3 mins for black and green tea, up to 10 mins for herbal tisanes) as it will end up bitter.

Step 3 - Add sweetener (if desired)

How much you add (if any at all) is completely up to your personal preference. The best way to add sweetener is to make a simple syrup (bring equal parts sugar/coconut sugar/honey/rice syrup and water to slow boil and stir til dissolved then allow to cool) and add half a shot (about 20ml) per large glass.

Step 4 - Add fruit juice (optional)

Freshly squeezed lemon juice mixes well with black teas, lime juice goes well with green tea and we love a little cloudy apple juice with our herbal tisanes. But anything goes, experiment to your heart's content!

Step 5 - Serve over ice and then garnish

The more ice the better. As for garnishes, any of the following are great: split lemongrass stalk, seeded lychee, mint leaves, dehydrated orange slice, fresh lime or lemon slice, thin apple wedges, thyme sprig, basil leaves, cucumber slices, blueberries, passionfruit pulp, edible flowers... you get the idea!

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