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Are the birthdays in your family spread out, or do you have a cluster of festivities like me? It is birthday season for my little tribe at the moment which means cakes and garlands (and late nights making!) but also stopping to consider and soak in the uniqueness of the person being celebrated. I know amongst the chaos of lots of little (and not so little) people underfoot that these are the golden years and I'll remember these days in decades to come. And any reason to gather people around cake and tea (or perhaps champagne...) is a good thing in my books.


Cook Beautiful. But that's a cook book I hear you say! Well, let me tell you, I judge a good cook book by whether I want to take it to bed to read at the end of the day as much as I do by the recipes. I was gifted this beautiful ode to seasonal eating (and living) earlier this year and am loving working my way through the chapters as the seasons dictate.

Listening to:

The Raw Milk Podcast by Beth Kirby. I have long loved Beth's blog, Local Milk, and her way with words (not to mention beautiful food and photography) but it is her honesty that always impresses me. She shares, quite vulnerably at times, about creativity, mental illness, making a living doing what you love and everything in between. She has just launched a new podcast and I loved the interview with the woman behind a brand I strongly admire - Elizabeth Suzann

Working hard on:

'Little Nourish and Nest'. We are launching a range for mamas and babes this Spring and it is on my mind a lot at the moment. The ethos of Nourish and Nest  - enjoying small rituals, embracing simplicity and finding beauty in the everyday was something I didn't really discover until motherhood and so it really feels like this brand was birthed and grew with my babes themselves. I really want to share the goods that helped me or that I wished for when my girls were babies and of course they need to meet our criteria of being beautiful, functional, timeless and ethical. This little range is being put together with a lot of care and intention and I can't wait to share it.


Bulbs for Spring flowers. A little late admittedly but I'm hoping I'll still have blooms aplenty this Spring and Summer. Up until recently, I have not cared too much for growing flowers and now I can't understand why. After a small planting in early Summer, I was literally giddy to check the garden every few days and find foxgloves, mini dahlias, pansies and marigolds. Can you ever have too many flowers?


Mandarins, oranges and greens galore.

Grateful for:

The magical Tea Gathering that we held recently and the beautiful people who came along. It was such a special afternoon... I'll share more about it on the blog in the days to come.

Chat soon,

Tara xx




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