The February List

The second month of the year, for me, seems to be the time that things really start moving along. The days are still warm and the daylight hours long, but after a Summer of recharging and dreaming, February is usually when I get motivated to see those dreamy ideas take shape.

So the things that are filling my mind, my diary and my home this month seem to fit that theme.


Entrepreneur by Kinfolk. Aesthetically and philosophically, I particularly love the spread on Francesca Bonata of Coqui Coqui


Simplicity Parenting. It is such a brilliant book, especially if you have school-aged children, a rather realistic guide to embracing simplicity as a family.


Lemongrass & Coconut and Fig & Hazelnut candles. I lean towards the former when it's a balmy day and the latter when I'm in the mood for getting cosy.


the details of our next gathering, to be held in Wollongong this May. It will be a delicious, nourishing afternoon. Details will be released very soon.


to the BGM channel while I am working. I find it helpful to have a soundtrack to my working day. It seems to help focus my ever-wandering mind on the task at hand.  

Discovered through this blog


myself with our Lemongrass Nourishing Body Bar. I love lemongrass essential oil in the morning. It is an aroma that cuts through the morning fog and feels fresh, energising and just a little bit tropical (always a good thing in my books). 


our first pumpkin for the season. Truth be told it was a rogue vine that sprouted of it's own accord. And the last of the chillies.


Not quite there yet but getting ready to plant the Autumn garden. Leek and garlic and broad beans.. oh my!


not coffee! Crazy I know. I am have a coffee-free month and am feeling fabulous for it (as opposed to how I imagined I would feel which was more along the lines of psychotic). As you can imagine, there has been plenty of tea consumed. I love to start my day with a warm cup of 'Settle' tea and then often sip chilled 'Refreshed' tea throughout the day. If I really need a pick-me-up, I turn to my beloved 'Island Green'.


Autumn candles! Ready for the season to come. I love that our tribe mark the season with our limited edition candles that are a celebration of the now. It's an honour to make something that will be a part of people's homes and everyday rituals.

Thank you for your support of Nourish and Nest and the philosophy behind our brand.. hope your February is going swell!

Tara x




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