The Cycle Wellness Journal

Your journey to unlocking the superpower that is knowing yourself and your personal cycles starts here!

We are about to launch The Cycle Wellness Journal!


We often place unrealistic pressure on ourselves to have the same emotional and physical capacity every single day. But just as nature is cyclical, adhering to a rhythm of changing seasons, our lives, our minds and our bodies have different cycles and seasons.

At different stages in our personal cycle we may find that we are more energetic, outgoing and capable, whereas at other stages we need more rest, solitude and self-care. To become attuned to our own bodies and our own cycles builds a self-awareness that is akin to a superpower- a game-changer for our wellbeing.

The Cycle Wellness Journal allows you to track your mood and energy, your wellness habits and more. As the month progresses, you will start to see patterns emerging. As your self-awareness increases, your ability to care for yourself and create a life you love will increase also.

Want to trial it for free to see if it works for you? Download a free trial month here.

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