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New linen goods

Good news!

We are adding to our ethically-crafted linen range. Introducing tote bags and half-aprons!

These are available now for pre-order and will be delivered in early September.

Why the pre-order? We hadn't planned to release these new goods until later this year but the women who create them are in urgent need of income and so we are taking pre-orders now. This will help us determine exactly how many pieces to order. 


All of our linen goods are crafted by tailors in Indonesia that we have connected with through the Indah Project. This fabulous project supports self-employed Indonesian artisans. The main tailor who creates Nourish and Nest's linens is a young mother in Bali who uses her income to support her family as well as sending money back to elderly family members in Indonesia. We first met her a few years ago on a little team trip to Bali and have been working with her ever since.

 There has been little to no work available since the fall out from our current pandemic hit Bali's shores and we would love to support our tailors.

You get beautiful linen goods, they get a very fair income to support their families. It is a win for everyone!

Thank you for supporting us so that we can support them.

Shop now


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Natural Perfumes Launch

Leah Projevski created a dreamy little film to celebrate the launch of the new Nourish and Nest Natural Perfume range.

Shop the range here.

See more of Leah's work here.

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An interview with Melissa Gale from I am Aromatics


Allow me to introduce Melissa Gale of I Am Aromatics. 

She is a long-time friend of Nourish and Nest, passionate aromatherapist and our collaborator for the new natural perfumes range

Melissa is wise, grounded and thoughtful. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her on this range and thought you all may enjoy this little insight into her journey and business.

We sat down for tea (Chai for Melissa, Settle for me) at Nourish and Nest stockist Moore Street General recently and I enjoyed catching up with her so much, I wanted to share a bit of our chat here on the blog too. 


Tara x


How did you get in to aromatherapy?

In my late teens I started experimenting with essential oils and was very much drawn to them for the effects on the emotions and of course the amazing aromas. In my mid 20's I went on to study Remedial Massage and specialised in Clinical Aromatherapy and continued in this career for 15years.

What do you love about essential oils?

I love that when essential oils are used cautiously (as there can be many adverse effects to different health problems and medication interactions) and used synergistically they can have such a profound effect on shifting energy, stuck emotion and they can facilitate such a beautiful healing process.

Tell us a little about I Am Aromatics

After burning out for my 3rd time from massage, I took a break and then decided to build a website and grow the new range. I developed the signature blends I used during treatment into usable, chemical free & affordable products to use in an aromatherapy application. I Am Aromatics has allowed me to assist people on their healing journey, inspiring them to be their true self through the product range and my aromatherapy consultancy.

What are the best parts of running your business?

Flexibility, creative freedom, facilitating healing. Collaborating with beautiful not-for-profits and other likeminded business (like Nourish and Nest of course).

What are the challenges?

A flooded essential oil market, rising essential oils prices due to overuse and over selling from big overseas companies. Trying to do everything by myself. Sometimes my ongoing health issues (endometriosis) forces me to slow right down. I am learning, especially this year, to listen to these cues and plan accordingly.

What are your current small rituals?

Pranayama breathwork, meditation, prayer. Long soaks in the bath with at-home holistic skincare facials. Lighting incense, candles & of course diffusing essential oils. Drinking tea, lots of tea.

You can find I Am Aromatics here

and can shop our new Natural Perfume range here.

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The Nourish and Nest Gift Guide

The Nourish and Nest Gift Guide

Gifting made simple

For the tea lover: the tea lovers gift pack

For the homebody: the enjoy small rituals gift pack

For the adventurer: a Turkish towel

For the little one: a wooden bowl & spoon set & baby Turkish towel

For the new mama: a Little Nourish and Nest gift pack

For the foodie: the linen apron gift pack 

For the person always on the go: a glass tea flask

For the entertainer: the linen lovers gift pack

For anybody else: an aromatic coconut & soy candle

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The Launch of Little Nourish and Nest

Little Nourish and Nest is finally here!

A thoughtful collection of goods of ritual for babes and their mamas.

These are the things I have loved as a Mama myself, or things I have wished existed.

And to celebrate this new collection we had a gathering a few weeks back with some local mamas and creatives and a whole lot of little ones.

We gathered picnic-style, drank grapefruit mimosas and endless cups of tea while the little ones ran free.. our kind of Monday morning! 

Thanks to everyone who joined us and to Mel for the delicious cakes.

Shop the collection here.

Tara x



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Summer break...


Nourish and Nest is currently on a Summer break!

Any orders placed after Monday 9th January 2016 will be shipped on Monday 23rd January.

The store will be updated with new stock at the end of January 2017. 

Thank you xxx

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For the adventurer...

Gift Guide Part 1

Shop online here.

100% cotton Turkish Towel  - $30

'Explore with wonder' Ceramic Mug - $26

Lemongrass Nourishing Body Bar - $12


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Event candles

Nothing compares to candlelight. Especially when people are gathered together to celebrate. Candles bring ambience, elegance and natural beauty to any event. The flicker of candlelight against a smiling face, the shadows they cast against the wall, not to mention the lingering fragrance...

Want to add a Nourish and Nest touch to your next event? We are now offering a range of event candles, hand-poured with our custom blend of coconut and soy wax. The event candles are available in white, frosted, amber or black glass in any of the following aromas - Almond & Vanilla, Lemongrass & Coconut, Lychee & Ginger, Pomegranate & Orange Blossom and Wild Honey & Amber.

Let us custom pour a set of candles for your next event. Available now in our online store. 

Photography: Aaron Hughes

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Linen goods of ritual

The philosophy of Nourish and Nest drives the goods that we choose to purvey. We want to celebrate the small rituals in life and stay true to our sentiments of embracing simplicity and finding beauty in the every day.
So with that in mind, we have put together a simple, beautiful and functional collection of linen goods.
Goods that bring luxury and beauty to everyday tasks.
Goods that look incredible and are designed to be with you for many years to come, only getting better as they age.
Goods that have been thoughtfully designed.
And because another important aspect of our philosophy is to ‘do your good’, we have been able to connect with a collective of fair trade artisans in Indonesia to ensure that these linen goods are created ethically.
Our apron is intentionally and thoughtfully designed to be beautiful, functional, comfortable, fully adjustable and a dream to wear.
The range also includes tea towels and napkins crafted from luxurious, natural linen.
Have a look for yourself here.

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Give the gift of ritual this Mother's Day

I like it when my mother smiles. And I especially like it when I make her smile.” 
Adriana Trigiani

If you'd like to indulge your mama or another beautiful woman in your life this Mother's Day, we have put together two hampers filled with our goods of ritual.
The BATH RITUALS hamper and TEA RITUALS hamper are both available now in the online store.

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