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Making flower garlands

Sometimes creating things is as much about the act itself as the end result. The slowing down, the therapeutic mindfulness that comes from concentrating on the task at hand. And when you're using elements from nature and the resulting work is both beautiful and simple, I believe the act becomes rather soul-filling too.

What could make it even better? If you are crafting something that is a total breeze to create.. Cue, the flower garland!

I first made one of these for my youngest babe's birthday (her 1st, 2nd? the details are hazy..) We had a whole lot of marigolds growing in the vegetable garden and I had loved the idea of trying to create this style of flower garland since seeing masses of them in the markets of India on a trip years ago. The simple little garland I made from those marigolds was the perfect backdrop for my little babe blowing out the candles on her cake. 

I actually think a flower garland works for all kinds of gathering. Admittedly, they last a few days at most, but it makes them all the more special while you have them. You could experiment with using natives that dry beautifully to give your garland some longevity.

It's a fun and relaxed thing to do with friends too, kind of reminds you of making flower chains as a kid.

This garland has been created with all the flowers close together but you can also spread the flowers out to give you more bang for your buck when it comes to garland length. Completely up to you!

I didn't have an abundance of of marigolds on hand this time, so we used carnations instead. Any flowerhead that is sturdy and has a dense structure would work.

Here's the simple how-to:

1. Cut flower heads off stems.

2. Thread a long, thick needle (like a mattress needle) with cotton.

3. Starting at the base of the head, push the needle up through to the top of the flower.

4. Gently push your flower head down the cotton.

5. Repeat until you have used up all your flower heads.



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The last gathering for 2016

Tickets are now available for Nourish and Nest's very last gathering for 2016. 

'Floral Wreath Making' with Bek Towns from Floral Pines Design Co. 

To be held on Saturday 12th November 1:30pm at The Throsby

Put together your own modern free-form floral wreath (give it a festive vibe or just a stunning piece of floral art for your wall) whilst enjoying delectable wines & cheeses. 

Only 7 spots are left so secure your seat at the table ASAP if you've been looking forward to this one 🌿

Book here.

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'Connect + Create' // Weaving Workshop with Kirilee of Loom Loom Shake v.2

“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” 
Maya Angelou

Our last 'Connect + Create' workshop (Weaving with Kirilee of Loom Loom Shake) completely sold out and we have had many requests to run another - so, here it is!

Nourish and Nest will be hosting Kirilee for a nourishing Spring afternoon of creativity on Saturday 21st November 1-5pm.

Kirilee is a talented, passionate, creative & patient teacher and we are excited to have her sharing the art of weaving with us. You can read a little more of her story in a recent blog post from FibreShare.

Workshop tickets are very limited and are available in our online store.

What can you expect?

Expect to be spoilt and nurtured as you relax amongst like-minded folk, are treated with a delectable afternoon tea and learn a new skill that could very well become a passion. At the very least you will create something beautiful and unique with which to adorn your walls!

Image courtesy of Loom Loom Shake

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Connect & Create // a nourishing afternoon of creativity

Earlier this month, we hosted our first 'Connect & Create' workshop. It was an afternoon of weaving with Kirliee of Loom Loom Shake.

We sat in the afternoon sun, sipped tea and champagne, ate sweet delicacies, met new people and absorbed the considerable skill and passion of the ever-patient Kirilee. And of course there were Nourish and Nest goods for everyone to take home too!

Nourishing our creativity, connecting with others and learning a new skill are such soul-nurturing acts. They open the door for new passions, connections and possibilities.

I have been loving spending a bit of time most evenings finishing my weave, it is such a calming, therapeutic thing to do and my mind is already racing with ideas for my next weave.

Nourish and Nest will be hosting a 'Connect & Create' workshop each season. We hope to create inspiring spaces for people to gather and nurture their creativity and leave feeling indulged and rejuvenated. 

If you would like to be in the loop about future workshops, just sign up for our seasonal newsletter via our homepage. The next newsletter comes out at the start of Spring and will be filled with event information, seasonal ideas, recipes and other content exclusive to the newsletter.



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