New linen goods

Good news!

We are adding to our ethically-crafted linen range. Introducing tote bags and half-aprons!

These are available now for pre-order and will be delivered in early September.

Why the pre-order? We hadn't planned to release these new goods until later this year but the women who create them are in urgent need of income and so we are taking pre-orders now. This will help us determine exactly how many pieces to order. 


All of our linen goods are crafted by tailors in Indonesia that we have connected with through the Indah Project. This fabulous project supports self-employed Indonesian artisans. The main tailor who creates Nourish and Nest's linens is a young mother in Bali who uses her income to support her family as well as sending money back to elderly family members in Indonesia. We first met her a few years ago on a little team trip to Bali and have been working with her ever since.

 There has been little to no work available since the fall out from our current pandemic hit Bali's shores and we would love to support our tailors.

You get beautiful linen goods, they get a very fair income to support their families. It is a win for everyone!

Thank you for supporting us so that we can support them.

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