My day in tea - Autumn 2020

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while so last week I decided to document a day in my life in tea. 
Autumn usually equates with extra tea drinking for me, throw #stayathome into the mix and let’s just say there’s ample tea drinking to document! Excuse the dodgy photos, these were taken on the fly on my phone. 

7:30am - 

In an ideal world, I would always wake up well before my children and have a bit of time to myself whilst the house is quiet. On such mornings, I drink a pot of one of our herbal tisanes to gently ease into the day. 

But the truth is, most days my two youngest girls are up well before me and once I open my eyes, it is all systems go. On these days I turn to one of our black teas for the shot of energy that I need. 
This morning I needed a good dose of bolstering so I began the day with French Lady Grey. It always feels like a treat. The hint of rose and lavender in my tea cup give me ‘queen of the castle’ vibes. 

9:00am - 


Like many of us, I am juggling multiple roles at the moment and I have been feeling quite physically run down. 
When this is the case, I like to proactively support my immune system with my go-to wellbeing tea. I brew Refresh tea (lemongrass, lemon myrtle and ginger) for 10 minutes and then add a slice of lemon, a slice of ginger and small spoon of our backyard honey. 
I drank this at my desk whilst getting some work done and helping my daughters with their school work. 
And yep, I’m still in my pyjamas. It’s one of those days! 

1:00pm - 

Sometimes on busy days, especially if my head is in a few different places, I find myself with a somewhat nervous energy building up by the middle of the day. The result is often that I can’t concentrate well, I jump from task to task or I become irritable towards those around me. 
Going for a walk around the block, stopping to do some stretches and/or taking a moment to drink a cup of tea on the grass all seem to help. 
As this is one of those days, a brewed myself a mug of ‘Settle’ tea. The combination of herbs in this tea makes it particularly grounding which is exactly what I needed. 

And yes, finally out of my pyjamas! 


8:00pm - 

There was work to be done in my studio/shed after the kids went to bed. The nights are getting cooler so a cup of Traditional Chai was the perfect evening work companion. Tonight I drank it black but I love it brewed on the stove top in milk too. 

10:00pm - 

It has been a very full day and my mind is still busy and my body a little sore. So rather than just collapsing into bed, I pulled my yoga mat out, lit a candle, made a pot of Dreamy tea for my husband and myself and slowed myself down with some stretching and restorative yoga poses while we chatted a bit about our days.

I like to visualise relaxing my body and quietening my mind while I sip my Dreamy tea. I sometimes drink it during the day if I’m feeling particularly anxious, but usually I only drink it before bed and it is an effective cue for my body to wind down. 
Fun fact: I don’t usually put my candle on the ground, I just did that for the photo. Then I forgot it was there and nearly burnt myself while I was stretching, ha ha! Lesson learnt :) 

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