My day in tea...

I am incredibly proud of our teas. They are organic, fresh & vibrant with an intense flavour. The herbs are sourced nationally where possible and the blends are our own unique recipe, mixed & packed ethically here in Australia. 

But at the end of the day, what matters most to me is that they taste sublime & are the perfect addition to our daily small rituals. 

The preparing, brewing, pouring & sipping of tea is an ancient ritual. It has the ability to uplift, restore, energise, comfort & calm. 

And yet it is so very simple and accessible to all.

But rather than just wax romantically about my love for tea, I thought I'd share my day in tea, as it is currently. 

Some days I just have just one cup, maybe first thing in the morning or late at night. I go through stages of drinking the same blend of tea all day long. Other days, like yesterday, our different blends serve me in their own way during the different stages of the cycle of the day. It's all good. 

So here it is, my day in tea... excuse the dark and grainy photos but it is rather rainy and gloomy in my part of the world at the moment and these pics were captured on the fly on my phone yesterday.

Early, not long after waking up: a pot of 'Refresh' herbal tisane (lemongrass, ginger and lemon myrtle).

Not a cup but a pot, brewed for 10 minutes. A morning person I am not. I can get up early and generally have to, but no one would ever describe me as chipper in the morning. 'Refresh' is energising enough to rouse me but it does so slowly, and by the second cup I feel like I can almost whisper 'you got this'. It is also a cleansing and detoxifying tea so it is perfect to start the day with. It works really well as an iced tea so I will sometimes brew it the night before and drink it chilled on hot days (with a squeeze of lime juice and little mineral water).

 8:45am, time for action: a mug of English Breakfast (a blend of premium black organic teas from India and Sri Lanka).

When I need to get down to business, it can only be our English Breakfast tea. If I drink it first thing in the morning, I brew a pot-full and add milk, cradling my mug and finding solace. But when I hit the 'business' hour of the day, I drink it black, generally whilst putting together a plan for the day. I make it with an infuser and brew for 3-5 minutes.

10pm, when the coast is clear: a small cup of our 'Settle' herbal tisane (all-Australian peppermint, spearmint, liquorice root and marshmallow). Brewed for 10 minutes.

Home from a  night out, with the babes settled in bed and the miscellaneous evening jobs done (well, some of them, let's be honest), this is my happy place. Curled into the corner of the lounge with a couple of books and a soothing cup of tea in my hand. The blend of herbs that comprise 'Settle' make it delicious post-dinner and it is a beautifully calming tea for both the body and the mind.

And that's my day in tea. What our love about our rituals is that they are exactly that, ours. Personal and individual and able to change with a season or a whim. I hope our range of beautiful organic teas, or any of our goods of ritual, if they find a place in your daily rhythms, bring beauty and pleasure to your day too xx

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