Mama Journeys.. with Nicole from Little Willow Vintage

We're excited to launch a new blog series interviewing some fabulous friends of Nourish and Nest. Different women, staying true to their own paths, who also happen to be mothers. 

Nourish and Nest seeks to inspire small daily moments where we nourish our bodies and souls. Simple rituals of self-care that let us check in with ourselves, practice gratitude and find everyday beauty.

Since the launch of Little Nourish and Nest, I have wanted to hear from other mothers about how motherhood has shaped their journeys, the challenges, the rituals that benefit them and the simple ways they nurture themselves as women.

Our first interview is with Nicole Nicol from Little Willow Vintage.

If you've ever found yourself on Instagram looking for some children's room inspiration, chances are you've stumbled across Nicole's beautiful feed and much-loved brand.
Little Willow Vintage is a baby homewares brand inspired by its 'less is more' philosophy. Nicole hand-stitches the sweetest custom linen cushions and heirloom baby wraps, inspired by simpler times. Her range also includes beautiful linen bedding.

I love that her brand really honours slow design and ethical crafting of pieces that are to be treasured for years to come. 

I am lucky enough to know Nicole in 'real life' (she's a complete delight) and she immediately came to mind when I started putting together this series. 

What are the ways in which motherhood has changed you?

I’m so much more empathetic to other mothers and what they’re going through. I didn’t really spend any time around kids and was one of those parenting experts that have no know the ones!! They have all the best answers till they actually have them.

What were the most difficult transitions for you when becoming a mother?

Initially I felt quite anxious about having my first, especially as I was an older first time mum (geriatric mother they call it ! Seriously! )  I realise looking back that I found it difficult to accept I may not be able to control everything and was fearful about how my life might change.  

How do you practice self care?  

I think it's often hard for mothers to find time for self care, especially when the kids are young. Just even taking five minutes out on my balcony alone is sometimes hard to achieve but I try to do that each morning to have a cup of tea and breathe in positive affirmations for the day ahead.  I’ve recently blocked off half of one of my work days for a regular yoga class and walk before I go to the studio in the effort to schedule non-negotiable self care.
I also enjoy lighting a candle and making a pot of tea after everyone has gone to bed .. just to enjoy some quiet time.

What is one of your favourite small rituals? (a simple act that brings you joy) 

My favourite thing is to light a beautiful high quality scented candle, while working, reading or sewing. It smells delicious and I feel like its a bit of an everyday luxury. 

Do you have any family rituals?

Simple things like sitting down at the table to eat for dinner or breakfast is something I think is important. Even if it's a weet bix for dinner kind of night!

What do you find to be your greatest challenge in motherhood?

To keep things simple.. sometimes there is a push to be busy and over-schedule ourselves and our kids.  
We learn who we are in the quiet times and the space we make for ourselves. Sometimes we need to say no.. not because we are too busy but so we don’t become too busy.  
Is there anything that helps you connect with yourself as a woman? 

I think coming to motherhood at 37 I had a pretty established sense of myself and who I was.  I probably went through a few years feeling like how does this new role fit with who I am.. should I act or dress differently etc.  In the end I think that you need to remember the things you enjoy and connect with..and if you haven’t found that yet you must allow yourself some peace and time alone to find it.

What piece of motherhood wisdom (whether shared with you or learned) has served you well?

As the mother of kids just turned 4 and 9 who are increasingly independent, I think the saying ‘the days are long but the years are short’ is the most fitting of all.

Want to know more about Little Willow Vintage? Head to the website or Instagram 

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