Mama Journeys... with Laksmi of Copper and Cross

Welcome to our second instalment of the ‘Mama Journeys’ series, a homage to the wisdom that women can glean from one another’s journeys and a celebration of our ‘Little Nourish and Nest’ range.

We hope this series inspires Mamas to honour their unique motherhood paths and remember the importance of finding realistic, soul-filling ways to nourish themselves along the way.

If you don’t already know her, allow us to introduce Laksmi of Copper and Cross.


Laksmi is the creator of luxury handcrafted homewares, made in Byron Bay. The aesthetic of Copper and Cross focuses on textures, tradition, culture and quality. Planter baskets, chunga rounds, crosses, wall baskets and much more. Go and see for yourself and you’ll see what all the fuss is about!

 After discovering La’s swoon-worthy, handcrafted homewares range through Instagram, I ended up visiting her beautiful home in the Byron hinterland a few years ago to buy one of her pieces. I was taken straight away with her warmth, authenticity and lack of pretension. We shared tea while our kids picked fresh mulberries and chatted the realities of small business, motherhood and staying true to our own business paths.

It is a complete treat to have La on the blog, sharing a glimpse into her own journey as a creative business owner and mother to her son Illy. I particularly love her family rituals. 



Are there any ways that you have noticed motherhood has changed you?

It’s changed me immensely! Feeling more connected to the world. More relaxed to self questioning - like those “what should I be doing in life?!” questions just kinda go out the window! Mostly, far happier - with less time spent self-obsessing and more time spent caring for someone else. It’s also been the catalyst for other amazing things like starting my creative business, “Copper + Cross”. 

What were the most difficult transitions for you when becoming a mother?

I remember the huge shock those first few days of just realising how incapacitated I was to do things I had taken for granted before. Like shower, get myself a glass of water, call someone etc. I remember looking out at my verandah and just imagining myself sitting out there with a glass of wine and feeling this weird sense of loss. I also felt apprehensive when night time approached knowing this stretch of waking, cries and tiredness was coming for me. Sometime it felt a bit bleak. 

How do you practise self-care?

What’s that? Ha ha. No, but really. I’m trying to imagine what I do that someone would call that? I shower, is the first thing that comes to mind? But most people do that I guess … I honestly can’t think of anything. Sometimes I have a bath! That’s just like showering I guess. Gah. In my ideal fantasy life I would go get every therapy under the sun! Massage, Acupuncture, Kinesiology … Yep. One day. 

What is one of your favourite small rituals?

Making a cup of tea to sit down to work. I work from home so that is VERY exciting as it breaks up the day! 

Do you have any family rituals?

Nothing major. 
My son and I have weird little songs we sing together that we’ve made up or act out some routine we have come up with every few days. 
We have a bit of time in my bed every night before he goes to bed where we just lie next to each other and ask each other questions and cuddle. 
My partner and I try and play golf together every Thursday afternoon. 
We all usually sit down and watch Masterchef when we have dinner at home! But that doesn’t always happen (it took us 8 months to finish one season haha).

What do you find your greatest challenge in motherhood?

Hmmm. I hope this doesn’t sound too “whatever" but I honestly feel like I thrive through motherhood. It was challenging when I was sleep deprived the first year but actually being a mother is the best feeling in the world. The challenges I have faced are honestly more to do with I guess social aspects. It isn’t natural for me to make friends easily with other mothers, get involved in school activities etc. And there is a juggle that comes with living with your child and partner (when your partner is not the dad!), mostly in trying to manage everybody’s feelings. Oh and coming up with dinner every night! Blah, just let me eat some toast and lie in bed one night! I guess I do have challenges!

Is there anything that helps you connect with yourself as a woman (beyond your role as a mother).

Spending time with my beautiful partner. Having that amazing intimate, emotional, sexual connection with another adult. I’m not a very girly girl. I only very recently became the proud owner of some moisturiser. I don’t really adhere to things like “girls night” or gender specific activities. I like to surround myself with friendships that aren’t exclusive of other friends no matter the day or activity! In saying that, I play soccer every year on an all-women’s team and it’s such an awesome environment and SO fun! 

What piece of motherhood wisdom has served you well?

I’ve always just followed my instincts with raising Illy. We spend a lot of time exploring ideas and thoughts. I try not to impose any beliefs or norms on him and see how he feels about different topics he brings up with me. I answer his questions honestly and always have (within the scope of his understanding). We are really weird and quirky with each other and there’s a lot of mate-ship and extreme love and respect there. 


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