Create your own Tea Ceremony

The simple acts of pouring and sipping tea are the ultimate small rituals. Tea brings a sense of ceremony and intention to everyday life.

If you want to elevate your everyday brew to a practice of self-care, you may enjoy creating your own tea ceremony by following these simple steps:

Create a window of time for yourself, at least 10 minutes. ⠀

Put the kettle on.⠀

Choose a favourite teapot, teaspoon and tea vessel.

You may want to gather something beautiful that is on hand to add to your ceremony, like a flower or a candle.

Take a moment to consider which tea you need in this moment and spoon it in to your teapot.⠀

Add boiling water and allow steam distillation to do it's magic.⠀

Fill your cup with tea and enjoy the moment with all your senses - what can you smell, see, hear, feel and taste?⠀

Find a sunny spot to sit whilst you mindfully sip your brew.⠀

Just be.

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