Connect and Create - an interview with Amy Cuneo

Part of the Nourish and Nest philosophy is to Connect and Create. So, to bring that to life here on the blog, today I'd like to kick off a series of interviews with some fabulous individuals who 'create' in some way or another. Think of it as a glimpse into their world. A chance to connect and, hopefully, to be inspired to create in our own ways.

First up today is the (incredibly talented) artist, Amy Cuneo. If you're not new to the Nourish and Nest tribe, you'll have met Amy before. She first graced the blog back here

Today she is sharing with us about how creativity fits into her world, her rituals and routines and what is inspiring her at the moment. I really appreciate Amy's honesty and humility. I got so much out of this interview personally - I hope you do too!

Thank you Amy for letting us into your mind and your home and to Aaron Hughes for the fabulous photos.

Tara xx


How long have you been an artist? How did you end up doing this? 

Not sure how long I have been an artist for. Somewhere between 7-32 years. 

I always loved art all through school but didn't have the confidence to go on and pursue it at Uni until I was 21. It has been something that has crept up on me. I loved it, I played with it and then eventually it became part of my daily essentials. 



Do you see yourself as a creative person? How do you get to be creative in your day-to-day life? 

To be perfectly honest I don't feel overly creative in my day to day life. I like the stability of sausages and mash and the constants of routine which help to keep my creativity burning in other areas. 



How do you stay inspired/passionate? What helps for you when you're not 'feeling it'? 


I stay passionate in spite of myself. I will lose motivation and inspiration for a while and then something I come across like a colour combo on a house, or someone's face, or being in nature revives something in me and I create again. 

Things I have found helpful to stay inspired are:

- not beating myself up for having a break/trust that inspiration will come again

- keep making time to create and change up what you do to keep it fresh. 

- be part of a community of creatives in real life or online.



What do you love most about your craft? 

I love the thrill of the unknown when starting a new painting or new concept. 


What do you find hard? 

Not comparing myself to others. 




What does an 'average' day look like for you? 

It's a very simple routine that we have right now. I have a 2 year old and 6 month old baby so we are home a lot. 

7am -wake up with kids 

9am-leave the house with kids for some fresh air/park/coffee with friends

12- kids go to sleep for *hopefully* a couple of hours and this is when I paint/read/sleep

3pm-afternoon chaos, dinner prep etc

8pm Grown up time to watch Netflix, talk, read. 

10pm sleeeeptime 



What are some of the non-glamorous aspects of your creative business that most people don't see? 

-The amount of fails involved to achieve one successful painting. 

-The need to be financially viable or have alternate work

- Working alone can mean too much time in your own head. (Which is why I now listen to podcasts when painting). 



Anything cool you're currently reading/listening to/thinking about? 

Many things. 


I'm listening to 2 brilliant podcasts one is the New Yorker Poetry podcast and the other is OnBeing where people of different faiths, professions and opinions talk about what it means to be spiritual in contemporary culture. 

Bands: Phosphorescence, Bon Iver and Elbow 

I am reading Annie Proulx's new book Barkskins. 


What are some of your favourite daily or weekly rituals?

Weekly rituals:
Sitting in the sun on the front step. 
 I try to write down some thoughts/prayers/reflections at least once a week. I find that time very grounding. Giving words to thoughts is a great decluttering for me. 
Also I have just discovered hot water bottles. I do myself a favour each night and put it in before bed time. It's like a friend. 


Any advice for someone thinking about making a living from their creative passion? 

Remember that all work has its frustrations, it's not going to be easy but it is satisfying. 

Go get 'em tiger. 



For more of Amy and her work, head to her website or follow her on Instagram.

All photography by Aaron Hughes of In Your Shadow

Amy wears the Nourish and Nest Linen Apron in Navy.


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