Calm + Bright - Day 5 – Nourish and Nest

Calm + Bright - Day 5

festive: /ˈfɛstɪv/, adjective

cheerful and jovially celebratory

I am aware (and pretty mind-blown) that people from both the northern and southern hemispheres read this blog. People in their 20s and people in their 60s. Single people, people in families, people who work outside the home, people at home full time with kids and people of all different belief systems. I appreciate the feedback I receive (especially this week!) and the insights into your lives that you share. It makes me mindful of the great big mix of us out there (and challenges me to write here a bit more diligently next year).

It would be crazy to write here as though Christmas signifies the same to everyone. But whoever you are, chances are that unrealistic expectations and good intentions and the beauty and busy-ness of tradition and giving are weighing (possibly a little too heavily) on you this festive season.

Maybe you're prioritising, simplifying, staying true to your values and choosing kindness, compassion etc etc.. but can I remind you to also have a little fun? Or a whole lot of fun? To cheerfully and jovially celebrate!

Whether it is being grateful for the good things that went down this year (and however difficult a year it has been, there is always some good amongst it), celebrating your family, having fun with old friends, meeting new friends and obviously if Christmas is spiritually significant to you, celebrating the sacredness of what this time of year signifies. 

Have some fun! Kick off your shoes, do something a little out of the ordinary, organise some revelry. Drink champagne on a school night, get up on the dance floor, sing out loud, play like a kid, swim in the ocean.. whatever brings joy to you!

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