A new chapter for Nourish & Nest

Hello, Tara here. By now you would have heard the news that I have handed over the reins of Nourish & Nest to new caretakers - Sheralee and Victoria. 
I am forever grateful for my personal Nourish & Nest journey but it has also been such a pleasure to hand the business on to two women who have loved the brand and it's philosophy and rituals for a long time.
Those who know Victoria and Sheralee have responded to this announcement with a resounding, 'Yes! They are the perfect new owners of Nourish & Nest!' And I couldn't agree more. But for those of you who don't know them personally, I wanted to share this interview with them both so that you can get to know them a little better.
Tell us a little bit about yourself

Sheralee - I live on the south coast of NSW with my beautiful daughter Chloe. I have been living here for the last 25 years and love the laidback country/coastal lifestyle. I have been in sales and customer service for over 35 years and everyday brings me so much joy meeting new people and sharing stories.
I find that being part of my local community and part of the supportive small business community is so rewarding and fulfilling.
Victoria - I live with my two wonderful daughters on the NSW South Coast. We moved here 20 years ago to be closer to our family (Sheralee and Chloe).
Our daughters  are incredibly close, more like sisters than cousins. Growing up they shared their school days, dancing days and weekend adventures together. 
And now in this next chapter, Sheralee and I and our daughters can work together on the beautiful Nourish & Nest.
What are your personal small rituals?
Sheralee - I start the day with a cuppa and end the day with a cuppa - and often have a couple during the day chatting with family and friends.
I adore the beauty of the most simple, yet nourishing, ritual - the cup of tea. I am blessed that my daughter Chloe, now all grown up, also relishes in the joy of our tea rituals.
And then there's candles! I think that candles bring like-minded souls together - the aroma, the flickering flame and the relaxing ambiance. I adore how they can change the feel in a room, soften the day and remind us of all things that bring us love and light. 
My family come from a small country town where candles were a necessary item - especially for the night walks to the outside loo. Then candles became part of my daily ritual - after dinner my daughter and I turn the lights off, light our candles and share our day. I love relaxing in a bubble bath or showering by candlelight before tucking myself into bed.
Victoria - I have always shared a love of candles with my daughters and now that they have grown up it is mesmerising to watch their own passion for candles evolve.
At night while we are preparing dinner, we set about lighting our candles in the dining room and lounge room. With busy lives we relish this time together - our little ritual of candles, food, chatter and always laughter. 
Tea has also played a major role in my life - it is the first thing offered when you arrive at your family or friends home.
I have so many wonderful memories growing up of enjoying the ritual of tea - the tea pot, the sugar bowl, the milk jug, the delicate tea cups being presented on a beautiful tray.  Along with the home baked treats that accompanied the tea. To be honest I didn't truly understand it as a child ( besides the prettiness of it all ) but now this simple ritual is something I crave and long for.
My nightly tea ritual before bed allows me solace while I take some time to contemplate my day and reset.
Why Nourish & Nest?
Both living on the south coast we have enjoyed being a part of Nourish & Nest's journey. We have been long-time customers and have loved lighting each new candle aroma as they were released as well as gifting them to family and friends. They say it takes a village - how fortunate we are that we have been part of the same village as Nourish & Nest. It is an absolute privilege and pleasure to now continue Tara's vision for her soulful business.

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