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Hello there!

Here's to the first month of Autumn (or Spring for our Northern Hemisphere friends!)  While I believe we can choose to embrace the new or make a change any day of the year, there is something so promising about a new month and a new season and all the possibilities it invites to start things afresh. I love it. 

Here is what is happening around here these days. This month I am:

Looking forward to...

hearing Elizabeth Gilbert speak later this week at this event.

I am intentionally surrounding myself with inspiration galore this year, especially in the way of women staying true to their own paths.

In January I spent an evening at the Opera House with Nigella Lawson and Annabelle Crabb (and a whole lot of others!) which was a fabulous experience. I have always been a Nigella fan (she taught me to roast a chicken in my early 20s) and love the reverence yet lack of pretension that she lends to the time-honoured tradition of gathering around the table for food that feeds the body and soul.

The evening reminded me of why I really enjoyed our 'Nourish and Nest Kitchen' series last year and I am happy to say it will be back this year. I have a few new faces to introduce too which should be fun.

Desperately wanting to...

get back to making again! Our candles and nourishing body bars are handcrafted in a shed in my backyard which is currently on it's way to becoming a bonafide studio. While that transformation is taking place, we aren't able to create new stock in decent quantities. It has already been a month of no making! Which means there are a lot of sold out signs throughout the online store at the moment and we haven't been able to take on any new wholesale customers.

While I am excited to have a bright, fresh new space to work in, my fingers are itching to be mixing, stirring, pouring and packaging again (ok, maybe not so much the packaging..). 

Photos of the new 'studio' to come post-revamp, but in the mean time you can check out our Pinterest 'studio inspiration' board.

Don't forget that all of the Nourish and Nest Organic Teas and Herbal Tisanes are still in stock online.

Giving some love to..

my home.

After a crazy-busy, often-sleepless 2015 spent setting up this little business, I've found my home to be quite neglected (which is the preferable option to the children of course). So we are in the process of re-arranging, painting and having a little work done in our home.

Whilst I am very excited about having some built-in storage created (our home is over 100 years old and whilst it abounds in character, it lacks direly in storage) it is the finishing touches that I am most looking forward to. Styling little corners, adding a plant here and an artwork there. Whilst just little things, they really are what makes your home a reflection of you and the act of creating these vignettes are part of the small rituals of life that this space is all about.

Have a look at this post for inpsiration for creating vignettes in your own home (and the whole blog while you're at it, it is one of my favourites!)


carrots and greens of all kinds.


chillies galore. And my first eggplants! They're too gorgeous to eat (almost). I think I will attempt to make this with them. And the last of the tomatoes, although not as many as I'd hoped due to a rather greedy gang of cockatoos.

Planning to make... 

thyme elixir after drinking a most fabulous Mandarin & Thyme cocktail at Sake. Here is a somewhat similar cocktail recipe I found online. 

Locking in the dates for...

our 2016 Nourish and Nest events.

You can have a look at last year's events here.

We will be hosting one Connect & Create Workshop each season as well as our Seasonal Gatherings which will be re-commencing soon.

As always, newsletters subscribers will be the first to hear about new events so if you aren't currently a subscriber, you can remedy that via the one-step sign-up on the homepage.

Have a fabulous March everyone! xxx 


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