The December List

I hope you have enjoyed the festive season and that there are some beautiful Summer days ahead for you!

Before the month ends, here is my list for December. Please feel free to share in the comments what is filling your days and inspiring you at the moment.

This month, I am:

Enjoying the last few days of having a Christmas tree in the house. I am thankful for a meaningful season, many a fun gathering and some precious moments, but also looking forward to some calmer, more carefree Summer days ahead.

Preparing to take a digital sabbatical!

Heading on a camping trip up the coast. Hello blue skies (hopefully), good swell (to keep my surfer love and friends happy), balmy nights, free range kids and no mobile reception.

Adding another lovely stockist to our list - The Store at Lee & Me.

Loving homemade ice teas. All of our organic teas and herbal tisanes can be made into ice teas, with Refresh being my current favourite blend to drink cold & a little sweet.

Reading The Slow FixMoney & Mindfulness and (as I confessed in last month's list), yet another Outlander novel! (I have possibly read two more since that post...)

Harvesting tomatoes and zucchinis. 

Continuing to support the work of the ASRC with $1 from every Nourish and Nest candle sold. More on this in our last post.

Letting myself plan and dream a little for the blank slate that is 2016. Inspired to stop and ponder what the New Year might look like for you? Check out this post.

And that's a wrap. Enjoy the last of your December days good people!

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