Spring photo shoot - behind the scenes

What's not to love about Spring? As I mentioned in my previous post, it is a time of year that seems to invoke a sense of possibility for me. There is a rejuvenating freshness that makes me want to breathe deep and feel grateful. 

It was a real pleasure to work on the aromatic blend for our new Spring candle - honeysuckle jasmine, cherry blossom and lime blossom. It is a little bit of whimsy captured in a candle and I am enjoying burning it each night.

I thought I'd share a few behind-the-scenes photos from our Spring shoot (which took place long before Spring of course). Running Nourish and Nest mainly looks like a lot of time (usually solo) in my shed making and packaging and a lot of late nights in front of a computer screen, so photo shoot days are a particular treat. Along with my favourite dream team, I got to spend the day in a beautiful home (thank you Amy!), surrounded by an abundance of candles and flowers. I could think of many worse ways to spend a day!

Photography: Aaron Hughes

Model: Katelin Trollope

Styling: Chloe Skipp

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