Connect & Create // a nourishing afternoon of creativity

Earlier this month, we hosted our first 'Connect & Create' workshop. It was an afternoon of weaving with Kirliee of Loom Loom Shake.

We sat in the afternoon sun, sipped tea and champagne, ate sweet delicacies, met new people and absorbed the considerable skill and passion of the ever-patient Kirilee. And of course there were Nourish and Nest goods for everyone to take home too!

Nourishing our creativity, connecting with others and learning a new skill are such soul-nurturing acts. They open the door for new passions, connections and possibilities.

I have been loving spending a bit of time most evenings finishing my weave, it is such a calming, therapeutic thing to do and my mind is already racing with ideas for my next weave.

Nourish and Nest will be hosting a 'Connect & Create' workshop each season. We hope to create inspiring spaces for people to gather and nurture their creativity and leave feeling indulged and rejuvenated. 

If you would like to be in the loop about future workshops, just sign up for our seasonal newsletter via our homepage. The next newsletter comes out at the start of Spring and will be filled with event information, seasonal ideas, recipes and other content exclusive to the newsletter.



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