The July List

Being reminded of just how much I love the mountains after a quick getaway with my little tribe.

Hoping to adorn my walls with a new weaving of my own making after our upcoming Weaving Workshop with Loom Loom Shake. To inspire myself, I am hoping to catch this exhibition at Koskela before it finishes up (there's still time!)

Harvesting many, many mandarins, a handful of lemons and one lone but delicious orange. 

Planting all variety of greens.

Being mindful of the long days but short years that make up this life as we celebrated my eldest daughter's 7th birthday early in the month (with horse riding and a disco naturally).

Embracing the Winter ritual of collecting kindling and firewood each afternoon.

Counting down the sleeps until our first seasonal gathering - A Winter's Feast. It is such an incredible feeling to see something coming together that you have dreamt about for so long. My mind is already spinning with ideas for our Spring Gathering!

Pleased that we are stocking our goods in some fabulous spaces such as Delano Coffee and Younga Yoga Studio

Loving the simplicity of an Old Fashioned on a cold Winter's night.

Returning once again to this delicious soup recipe. Winter winner!

Ridiculously excited that we are about to turn our backyard shed into a legitimate studio. I will share some photos once the renovation is complete. In the meantime, you can check out our studio inspiration board on Pinterest.

Aligning myself with the season and slowing down just a little as befits mid-Winter. Taking time to check-in, make some adjustments and set the course for the rest of the year (in front of the fire with a cup of tea in hand, of course).

Weaving image credit: Loom Loom Shake


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