Inspiration for nourishing your creativity + a Weaving Workshop with Loom Loom Shake

Winter is such an opptune time to nourish your creativity. We naturally spend more time indoors during the cooler seasons and if we don't have some intentionality about how we spend this extra time in captivity we can end up mindlessly watching too much TV and restlessly longing for beach days and balmy nights to return.

Far better it is to embrace the possibiltiies of this season of cosy and invest a little time in learning a new skill, reigniting an old creative passion or gathering with people who nourish your soul (I have waxed lyrical about the idea of Winter gatherings here). 

And if this creativity results in something beautiful to feather your nest with? Well that's all the better.

We have a Weaving Workshop coming up (more on that in a moment) but some other ideas to nourish your creativity include:


If you're a fellow Coal Coast local:

Getting along to a Wild Rumpus workshop.

Getting your bake on at one of the Mill Lane workshops.


If you live further abroad:

Doing an online lettering course, such as this Starter Class by Sean Wes (it relaunches later this month)

Signing up for absolutely anything held at The School.


If you're looking for something free:

There are options galore for getting creative via these gorgeous online spaces:

A Beautiful Mess

Design Love Fest


Now, to let you know about a little something special we have planned.

Part of the philopsophy of Nourish and Nest is to 'connect + create'. So it brings me much pleasure to be able to host a Winter Workshop that combines these two elements and helps people nourish their creativity (me included!). Nourish and Nest are hosting a cosy Winter's afternoon with the talented weaver Kirilee from Loom Loom Shake.

Want to come and connect and create with us? Simply register here.





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