Winter wellness rituals

If you know anything about Nourish and Nest, you will know that the premise of the goods we handcraft and handpick are that they are goods of ritual. And that rituals, however small, can bring joy, beauty and rhythm to our days.

There are rituals that are for the everyday, rituals of celebration, seasonal rituals and then there are the time-honoured (and occassionally experimental) rituals of wellness. The small acts we turn to when we are unwell or just plain exhausted. The rituals that bring comfort and aid our recovery.

As the colder month encroach, sickness can become a little more present. And if, like me, you have a little tribe you're caring for as well as yourself, you might share the experience that nursing unwell little people (especially when you're not feeling 100% yourself) can be overwhelming at times.

Rituals of wellness, whether they be in the care we give ourselves or that which we provide to others can supply solace, comfort and bolstering predictability. And whether we are feeling well or not, isn't that something we all need sometimes?

So, I am going to share just a few of my own personal wellness rituals and would love you to share yours too in the comments if you're so inclined. The following rituals are nothing if not small and simple but that is what makes them easy to incorporate into the daily rhythm.


Lemon, honey and ginger tea, and lots of it. In a large mug, I squeeze half a lemon, add a teaspoon of honey and about a tablespoon of fresh ginger strips. I then pour over boiling water and let it steep for 10 minutes.

Eucalyptus and lavender essential oils - everywhere! (added to body oil and rubbed into the skin, added to the bath, sprinkled on pillows etc).

Salt baths (fine pink himalayan bath salts are my go-to at the moment).

Simple garlic & vegetable soup (so easy - just drizzle a head of garlic with olive oil and roast, sauté half a finely chopped onion, add a litre of chicken or vegetable stock to the onion and bring to the boil, add 2 cups finely diced vegetables such as potato, zucchini, carrot, sweet potato and cook over medium heat until soft. Take off the heat, squeeze roasted garlic into the soup and blend).


Be well!

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