Our tribute to the season

She stuck her head out and took a deep breath. If she could eat the cold air, she would.
Sarah Addison Allen

And just like that, Autumn fades into Winter. The sun's scarcity makes it all the more precious when it warms your face, the morning air is sharp in your lungs and whilst comfort is at the paramount, there is a certain rewarding exhilaration that comes from adventuring in nature during these chilly days.

We believe in aligning yourself with the seasons, in nature and in life. To live seasonally is to embrace the beauty in where we currently find ourselves in the rhythmic cycle and celebrate accordingly, despite the challenges the elements or a life circumstance may bring.

As a tribute to the season at hand for those of us south of the equator - Winter, we have created a limited edition candle. As with all our candles, it is hand-poured in small batches and is created from natural coconut and soy wax.

The aroma of our newest candle is fresh and rugged, with notes of sweet pine forest, earthy cedar wood and just a hint of smokey campfire. We hope you enjoy it and that it perhaps even finds a place amongst your small rituals during this season.

As always, $1 from every candle sold is given to organisations doing their good. So far this year we have given to Unicef Australia, the A21 Campaign, One Girl and currently our donations are going to World Vision Australia's Nepal  Earthquake Appeal.

Available now in our online store.


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