A life well-curated

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curated (verb): to take charge of or organise; to pull together, sift through, and select for presentation

For me, curation conjures up notions of intention, care, respect for beauty and function as well as elegant simplicity.
A life well-curated could be seen as one that intentionally embraces simplicity. That is, simplicity as the guide by which we curate the many physical objects that are part of our life (so much has been penned on the virtues of owning less, valuing quality over quantity and the clarity that come from ridding ourselves of clutter that I won't repeat it here).

But beyond the material, it is a concept that also spans to include our commitments  and schedule as well. There is much that is realistically unavoidable (hello washing dishes) but we can spend the hours that we have left in ways that mirror what we are passionate about, what we cherish and what we would ultimately like to be part of the footprint of our lives. There is room for anything, but not everything. And so the importance of a life well-curated.

'Embrace Simplicity' is part of the philosophy of Nourish and Nest and something I am trying (sometimes successfully, sometimes dismally) to live out in the long days/short years of life.
As a couple of people asked on Instagram, the baby swing was sourced from The Bowerbird Store

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