The December List

IMG_7030 IMG_6066 Currently I am:

Stopping to breathe after a rather full month

Looking forward to the space to think and dream that January allows

Thinking I may have found my perfect diary for 2015

Indulging my love of rituals as I follow this fabulous interview project 

Adoring this online space

Harvesting tomatoes. Kilo after kilo of tomatoes! And not doing much else in my vegetable patch...

Realising that I need to rectify that if I want to be harvesting next month!

Planning meals based around tomatoes and other Summer goodness, such as this

Reading this book

Curating inspiration on the Nourish and Nest Pinterest boards

Looking forward to a Summer road trip and some beachside camping next month

And how about you? Please feel free to share that which is inspiring you in the comments.

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