Autumn photo shoot

Today I would love to share with you images from our Autumn photo shoot. If you follow Nourish and Nest on instagram or facebook or are a regular here on the blog, chances are you have seen many of these images before. But I wanted to share them all here in their entirety as I am so thankful for the talented, creative and very giving people in my world that created them and I feel these images really capture our goods of ritual so perfectly.

A huge thank you to:

Aaron Hughes - photography

Chloe Skipp - styling

Katelin Trollope - model (and so much more!)

The shoot took place at the beautiful home of my friends Amy & Mark - thank you for letting us invade your space for the day and leave rose petals in your bath tub!


May 26, 2015 2 tags (show)



Lisa said:

All extremely tallent beings, Looks beautiful, love all of your products too x

Kate @ Tell Me Tuesday Blog

Kate @ Tell Me Tuesday Blog said:

What a gorgeous shoot! So many beautiful textures and tones.

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