Align yourself with the seasons

“I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house..."

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Adventures at the ocean's edge are becoming far less frequent and there's a slight crispness to the early-morning air that seems to bring my senses to attention - these are my personal markers that we have shifted into Autumn. And a subtle shift it is too in comparison to those of you who experience far more extreme versions of the seasons. But a shift nonetheless. There is worth in truly accepting these changes and making small adjustments to honour the season we are entering.

To live aligned with the seasons is to be mindful of natural rhythms and to embrace the particular beauty of each season - whether it be an abundance of Summer stone fruits, the reprieve from the heat that Autumn heralds, the pull of the home that Winter's chill encourages or Summer's carefree, balmy nights.

But there are also seasons in our life. Just as we can waste our precious days wishing away colder seasons and determining to only be happy again when we are basking in Summer's glow, we can also squander certain seasons of our life. Determining we will only be happy when a certain life stage has passed or sadly longing for the return or a past stage of life robs us of the beauty, the lessons, the opportunities and the adventure to be found in our current season of life. The difference being that the quarterly seasons of the year are cyclic, whereas seasons of life are unique and not-to-be-repeated. A wise woman once said to me 'you'll only ever do this season of life once, so do it well'. A sentiment I want to live by.

So as the produce in my kitchen, the seedlings being planted in my soil, the items in my wardrobe and the comforts in my home alter to accommodate the new season, I want to fully embrace and adapt to the season of life I currently find myself in. That despite it's inevitable challenges and difficulties, I would see its beauty and live it out passionately.

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