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MugPromo-2 Nourish&Nest-3 Nourish&Nest-2 Nourish&Nest-1 MugPromo-1 Much is voiced of the perils of social media and its potential to disconnect us from the real-life interactions that nourish us.

Like anything in life, I believe that this online world needs to be approached with intention and purpose and that self-awareness and healthy perspective are key. Yes, it can be the basis of negative comparisons, discontent and mindless time wasting if you allow it to be. But I also believe wholeheartedly that it can be a setting for inspiration and encouragement, for positive influence and genuine community, a point of connection and creativity.

It was through Instagram that I first discovered the beautiful work of Lowra Rowe. Lowra is the clever creative behind Rowemade, a local-to-me illustration business.


In the words of Rowemade:

‘Our products feature Lowra's hand-painted illustrations and lettering to compose a style that feels both personal and timeless.

We strongly believe that there is nothing nicer than a hand-crafted gift that creates memories and personal stories and we hope that our products inspire all.

I approached Lowra recently about illustrating mugs with aspects of the Nourish and Nest philosophy. Nourish and Nest products are inspired by the notion of enjoying small rituals and as enjoying a mug of something hot and steamy is a daily ritual of choice for many, a mug was perfect for our first 'collaboration'.

I am thrilled with the outcome and the fact that Lowra has been such a gorgeous soul to connect with has been the icing on the cake.

So far, three different styles of mug have been created - 'Find beauty in the everyday', 'Explore with wonder' and 'Enjoy small rituals'. They will be available at our upcoming Easter Pop-Up Store and then will be available in our online store from the week after that.

How wonderful it is when we are open to (and grateful for) opportunities to connect and create with like-minded souls. Whether it be a new business venture, an artwork, a garden, an act of kindness, nurtured children, a mind-blowing conversation, a pot of soup or a killer party, I hope you can form connections that result in the creation of something beautiful.

The photos above are from a recent Nourish and Nest shoot with Aaron Hughes of In Your Shadow. I look forward to sharing more images with you soon!

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