Nourishing Body Bars

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There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them.


Nourish and Nest is founded on the concept of finding beauty in the every day through enjoying small rituals. And when it comes to rituals none is more 'everyday' than bathing. It is an essential part of daily life that we often undertake quite mindlessly, but I also believe that it can become a moment of intentional nurturing and simple joy. A daily ritual that is ancient and yet it is ours.

I wanted Nourish and Nest to bring simple beauty to this ordinary act and so, over a year ago now, I embarked on the journey of becoming a soap-maker. I undertook a whole lot of research, was trained by passionate, well-respected soap makers and then the experimentation (not to mention fascination and perhaps a little bit of obsession) began!

Our Nourishing Body Bars are the final result and I am incredibly excited to be sharing them. These bars of small-batch, cold-pressed, all-natural soap are very cleansing but also incredibly nourishing to your skin. The reason being that our original recipe is a combination of coconut oil, macadamia oil, olive oil, fair trade shea butter and pure essential oils. Basically, a whole lot of nourishing goodness and nothing nasty whatsoever.

Currently, our Nourishing Body Bars come in four different essential oil fragrances:


White Grapefruit

French Lavender

Sweet Lime

I will be launching them with a small batch at the Easter Pop-Up Store and will make them available in our online store in the coming weeks. To keep in the loop, why not subscribe to our blog or follow along on Instagram and Facebook?

Notice the beautiful washcloths featured in the photos above? I'll share more about these later in the week but let me just say they are incredible and handmade and are another outcome of connecting and creating!

Photos: Aaron Hughes Styling: Chloe Skipp Toes (& rings!): Katelin of Atolia

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