The May List

Autumn2015v2-43 'How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives' Anne Dillard. Good Morning! IMG_0742 IMG_0645


This month I am:

Making the last batches of our Autumn candle before we release our new ‘Winter’ candle next month.

Discovering the works of Annie Dillard and wondering where she has been all my life.

Heartbroken for the people of Nepal. $1 from every candle sold this month will be donated to World Vision Australia’s Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

Chuffed that Amy so generously shared her much-loved muffin recipe in the latest instalment of Nourish and Nest Kitchen. Have you given them a go yet?

Thinking I would absolutely live in this beautiful tunic.

Hanging some Little Loom beauties in my home.

About to start harvesting mandarins from our tree. And then I’ll be making this cake.

Making this simple but nourishing curry.

Looking forward to peddling my wares at the Wild Rumpus Makers Market next month.

About to launch a fresh new online space for Nourish and Nest, complete with some fresh new goods that I am excited to share.

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