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The table is a meeting place, a gathering ground, the source of sustenance and nourishment, festivity, safety, and satisfaction. A person cooking is a person giving: Even the simplest food is a gift.

Laurie Colwin

I am excited to introduce Ankit from Eat Me Chutneys who is bringing us a most delicious cake - seasonal goodness that will make you want to gather around the table with those you love (or at least those who love good food!)
I am inspired by the good that Ankit and Jaya are doing through Eat Me Chutneys. A delicious, creative, simple yet brilliant solution to a social problem. I reached out to Ankit to join us here on the blog as soon as I discovered Eat Me Chutneys and the ethos behind what they produce. Read on for their story and a delectable cake recipe.

Over to Ankit!


Eat Me Chutneys / Quick Story

/ PROBLEM - beauty contest leaves aesthetically wonky and bruised fruits and vegetables destined for landfill. Wasted food is also wasted inputs (energy, water and fertilisers).


/ WHAT WE DO - a mum and son team we rescue this unsold, wonky, bruised produce and convert it into epic chutneys, that we like to call rescued chutneys.


/ OUR SOCIAL IMPACT - we've rescued 1.2 tons of produce so far, preventing CO2 emissions by 3.4 tons; which is about 13,000 kms driven by your average passenger car.  Quiet rad we think!


A cracking recipe, this one goes hand in hand with what we do at Eat Me Chutneys.  Any slightly old-ish oranges, we chop them up and cook them down into this orange slush.  And it freezes well too <simply defrost it in the refrigerator overnight> and boom a cracking base is ready for muffins and cakes.

Orange Slush
/ Take 2-4 oranges (preferably unwaxed)
/ Give them a good wash
/ Chop whole oranges into small chunks 
/ Put into a small saucepan and just cover with cold water
/ Bring to a boil and then gently simmer for 30-45 mins till they are cooked (or knife inserted into the orange skin comes out with no resistance).  Add a little water during cooking if pan begins to dry up
/ Let them cool for a bit and then into the blender it all goes to make a thick yet runny puree (be careful the blender or food processor spout isn't covered else the hot steam will cause it all to explode)
/ Cover with cling film and let it sit in the fridge overnight (very important)
/ It will be quite bitter and very orange-y
/ Into a big bowl go 4 eggs, a tbsp of vanilla essence, 1 cup sugar - whisk to melt sugar
/ Fold in 1 cup of almond meal
/ Finally fold in 1 cup of the magical orange slush 
/ Into a cake mould it goes and bake at 170 degrees till skewer comes out clean (it will be a little moist and thats ok).  About 45-60 mins (depends on oven)
/ Let the cake cool completely and top with fruits/ice cream whatever you fancy!

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